The American Academy of Pediatrics recently updated their screen time guidelines, no longer banning it for the under 2 set. Instead, they’re encouraging parents to set limits and be smart about tech use. While we’re not condoning apps instead of playing with, reading to and interacting with your baby, we also know that a few minutes with your phone or tablet can make or break your first longhaul flight, help tame squirmy diaper changes around the 10-month mark and calm a fussy 1-year-old while waiting for the doctor. In these moments, we say embrace technology and let your little one try swiping his tiny fingers through these simple and engaging apps.

Peekaboo Barn

Beloved by many babies, Peekaboo Barn (along with it's counterparts Peekaboo Fridge and Peekaboo Farm) wins kids over with vibrant graphics and simple play. Babies can touch and open barn doors to discover animals and here their names and the sounds they make.

Available at, $1.99.


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–Julie Seguss