A good baby bouncer is a must during that first hectic year with your little one. They’re the perfect solution when you need a minute to grab a shower, wash bottles or send a quick email. Click through our album to size up five soothing and flat-out fun seats that are new to the market or have genius design features.

Coolest Moves: 4moms rockaRoo

No room for the footprint of a traditional side-to-side swing? The most recent addition to the 4moms lineup gets the job done in less space. The plug-in rockaRoo is a modern-looking seat that tech geeks will appreciate for its super-quiet mechanics, forward-and-back moves and iPhone compatibility (plug in to play your favorite white noise or lullabies). According to 4moms, the rockaRoo uses motion-sensing software to respond to your baby’s position and create unique rocking movements. It’s tough to pick up on this just by watching the rockaRoo in action, but our baby did seem calmed by the deep seat and the simple overhead mobile that reminds us of his other favorite fascination: ceiling fans.

Available online at buybuybaby.com, $180.

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— Amalie Drury