A good baby bouncer is a must during that first hectic year with your little one. They’re the perfect solution when you need a minute to grab a shower, wash bottles or send a quick email. Click through our album to size up five soothing and flat-out fun seats that are new to the market or have genius design features.

Modern Marvel: Nuna Leaf

Infant aesthetes -- once they get over the shock of the price tag -- will appreciate the gorgeous lines of this award-winning seat, which looks more like a real piece of furniture than a baby gadget. It’s sturdy, with a soothing, side-to-side sway that keeps baby occupied or lulls her to sleep. Give it a light push for about two minutes of chill time; the rocking motion is gentle and there are no sounds or lights. This seat is easy to assemble — just two parts to snap together — but it’s heavy, so you’ll need to pick a spot where it can stay put. The plus side of all that heft is a 130-pound weight limit, which means your child can lounge in the Leaf through toddlerhood and beyond.

Available online at shopnuna.com, $220. Toy bar $40 at shopnuna.com.

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— Amalie Drury