It’s a fact: babies love being carried. And really, who could blame them? Before entering our great, big world they are snug as a bug in your belly happily being carted around with you everywhere you go. The problem is, once your baby is born you can’t possibly carry them around all day long. That’s why baby carriers are such a lifesaver. They allow babies to feel as cozy as they did in the womb, while also allowing you to be comfortably hands free. From stylish and fashion-forward to simple and sporty, we’ve rounded up the coolest baby carriers and slings on the market.

For a Carrier & Wrap Feel: Baby K’Tan Active

Especially when our babies were infants, we loved the softness and ease of the all-fabric Baby K’Tan. The original is made of thick cotton that can quickly get warm, which is why the company recently introduced this new version made from breathable mesh (it feels like the fabric used to make basketball shorts). The K’Tan falls somewhere between carriers and wraps -- there are no buckles or straps to contend with, and also no wrapping technique to learn. It’s just you and your baby, close and cozy.

Available online at for $59.95.


What is your favorite way to carry your baby? Share with us in the comments below.

— Aimee Della Bitta