Take a look at the hottest classes for babies right now and you’ll soon realize that babies can do anything these days. From the wow-worthy Baby DJ School and an edible (and organic) baby art class, to more useful baby sign language and swimming, we’ve searched coast to coast to find the best baby classes in the nation. Even if you don’t have these exact classes in your neighborhood, flip through our top picks and get inspired to find something similar nearby. Then, get ready to let the good times roll (and clap, and sing, and blow bubbles)!

 Photo Credit: ckmck via Flickr Creative Commons

3. Tiny Fingers Sign Language - Washington D.C.

It's all a guessing game when it comes to pleasing your babbling little bundle of joy. That is, until you give them the skills to start communicating with you via sign language! Mind = blown. The baby classes at Tiny Fingers Sign Language will expedite your little one's communication skills while teaching them how to sign key wants and needs like, hungry, more, milk, or sleepy. You and your genius baby will be communicating in no time after taking these fun, interactive classes designed for little ones 0 to 2.5 years old.

For more information: tinyfingers.com

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–Kristin Helms