Dreaming of the first time your baby sleeps through the night? Wish you could get your little one to take longer naps? Wondering if crying it out or co-sleeping is right for you? Check out our top ten list of baby sleep books to find the perfect handbook for your situation and parenting style.

Best to Read During Pregnancy

Relatively new on the sleep book scene, with a 2015 publication date, The Good Sleeper provides the latest research on hot button sleep methods you may or may not have heard of yet as a parent-to-be. Read this before Baby arrives so you can take an educated stance on crying it out, cosleeping and discover the sleep tools you should (or shouldn't) register for. Then, hopefully a few of the tips will help you and baby get plenty of rest later.

Available at amazon.com, $13.24.

What sleep book if your go-to? Share your favorite in a comment.

–Julie Seguss