Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a kitchen novice, preparing homemade baby food can be unfamiliar territory. Proving that it can be nutritious and delicious without spending all day in the kitchen are some savvy chefs, editors and nutritionists, many of whom are fellow moms and dads. Here, find their baby food cookbooks that can guide you in the daily journey of feeding the tiniest and often most selective member of your family.

Best for Kicking a Pre-made Food Habit

The latest cookbook from food editor Jenna Helwig, Real Baby Food includes just that; easy recipes for making real food for your baby. From simple purees to finger foods and finally toddler meals, Helwig’s cookbook will take you all the way through toddlerhood, with guidance on serving the right portion size, tips for feeding picky eaters and more.

Why You Should Buy It: You’ll find chapters devoted to finger foods and healthy snacks, including how to set a snack schedule. And Helwig’s rules for prepping homemade baby and feeding your baby are a great, easy-to-reference guide.

Ages: 6 months – 3 years

Lead image: I. Jonsson/Getty Images

What’s your go to cookbook for feeding your baby and toddler? Share with us in the comments!

Lauren Hill