Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a kitchen novice, preparing homemade baby food can be unfamiliar territory. Proving that it can be nutritious and delicious without spending all day in the kitchen are some savvy chefs, editors and nutritionists, many of whom are fellow moms and dads. Here, find their baby food cookbooks that can guide you in the daily journey of feeding the tiniest and often most selective member of your family.

Best Creative Combinations

Think fast, think easy, and think homemade! Perfect for the busy mommy, Sage Spoonfuls is all about convenience. Featuring no fuss purees in endless combinations to give your baby variety without spending all day in the kitchen. The idea behind this all-in-one system is to take one hour every two weeks to make healthy, unique purees that can be frozen in the Sage Spoonfuls accompanying jars.

Why You Should Buy It: Part of a collection that includes the cookbook, storage jars, and food processor, Sage Spoonfuls is designed to take all the guesswork out of preparing and preserving homemade baby food.

Ages: 4612 months

Lead image: I. Jonsson/Getty Images

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Lauren Hill