Bringing home a new bundle of joy from the hospital can be an earth-shaking experience for big brothers and sisters. Ease into the idea of having a baby sibling with a good book. From a cute customized option to tales that show toddlers just how great it is to be big, here are ten fantastic choices that’ll help get your kiddo ready for the biggest transition in their young lives. Snuggle up for story time with your favorite and get ready to welcome Baby home.

Your Little One’s Name Here

Twigtale offers the chance to create a personalized book with photos of your first born and specific details. The book includes carefully crafted messages about what will happen when the baby is born, and reassurance about the total naturally feelings big siblings can have during this transition.

Available at Twigtale, $19.99.


How will you get your child or children ready for a new baby? 

–Oz Spies