Obviously, you’ve got a smarty pants baby on your hands. Encourage her to keep on boosting brain cells with these educational, captivating and sometimes geeky goodies that just might up those IQ points (and even if they don’t, they’ll add a little fun to your day with Baby!).

Fisher-Price Bright Beats Build-A-Beat Stacker

Studies have shown that musical education helps boost babies brains, so why not incorporate a little composing into your next play session? This clever stacking toy allows little ones to build songs by adding the "boogie buddies" in different orders. Also amazing - its ability to get your little one up on his feet dancing (or for the younger set, rockin' on his bum with his hands in the air).

Available at target.com, $12.99.

What educational toy do you and your baby love? Tell us!

–Julie Seguss