Bottom line: bubbles are magical and mesmerizing. Long before your baby is able to blow his own bubbles, he’ll love it when you create a backyard full of them for him. So gear up for a summer of bubbles – and the giggles, smiles and waddling around to pop them that’s sure to follow – with push along toys, extra-large wands and seriously awesome bubble making machines.

Wonder Wands

Quite possibly the best bubble invention ever, these oversized bubble wands - they're about 1 foot tall - from Little Kids don't require blowing. Just wave them gently through the air and several bubbles - big ones at that - will appear. This is a must-have if your baby constantly asks for more and more and more bubbles.

Available at, $9.99 for set of 6.

What’s your favorite way to play with bubbles with your baby? Tell us in a comment.

–Julie Seguss