Thinking about getting a mamaRoo4 infant seat? Here’s more incentive: Between now and December 2017, the 4moms company that makes them will donate 4% of sales of the new infant seat (up to $100,000 in product) to Project Sweet Peas, a non-profit that supports NICU babies and their families. As part of this initiative, mamaRoo4 infant seats will be donated to hospital NICU wards and families in need.

If you’ve seen a mamaRoo bounce and sway to soothe a baby, you can imagine the comfort it offers preemies and newborns with severe conditions. The mamaRoo is already used in more than 350 hospitals nationwide to supplement the care provided by parents and the NICU staff.

“The mamaRoo is an important part of a family’s NICU journey, giving babies that natural motion a parent or nurse would make when they can’t be held, and we are so happy that we’ll be able to expand the number of patients and families able to use these amazing infant seats,” says Sarah King, president & CEO of Project Sweet Peas.

The mamaRoo4 shares the five motions, speeds and sounds of previous versions but features new fabric designs and interactive reversible toys (a crinkle ball, rattle and reflective mirror). It retails for $219.99 (for the classic seat fabric) and $249.99 (for plush fabric). Available at the 4moms website and other retailers.

Learn more about 4moms’ Project 4 initiative.

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— Eva Ingvarson Cerise