When you find out that you’re pregnant, you’ll start hearing all kinds of things that you should and shouldn’t do as a first time mother. You might be told not to touch cats (unnecessary), not to eat fish (just high-mercury types) or to take a prenatal vitamin (this is a good idea). Another thing people might caution you about is dyeing your hair. But do you really have to go without your color for nine months? It may seem like a scary prospect, but here are the facts.

Is it safe?
For the most part, coloring your hair while you’re pregnant is okay. Very little of the chemicals found in hair dye is absorbed into your system, and studies haven’t found any link between birth defects and hair dye. However, since there isn’t much data on the issue, many health care providers recommend using caution just to be on the safe side by waiting until the second trimester to dye your hair, as baby development is most active in the first trimester.

Are some dyes better than others?
There are many brands of dye that have fewer chemicals and more natural ingredients, and some dyes, like henna, are free of chemicals. And certain treatments are less risky than others: All-over hair dye exposes you to more chemicals than procedures like highlights or frosting, which don’t touch your scalp. If you’re concerned, maybe now’s a good time to try highlights instead of your

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