Looking for the perfect way to introduce your baby to music? Look no further than the Spotify playlist put together by Carnegie Hall’s Lullaby Project. We bet it’ll be become your go-to soundtrack to accompany your diaper changing, mashed-yam gobbling, block stacking days spent together.

Lullaby Project participants at a creative session at New York Foundling on December 5, 2015. In partnership with ACS, New York Foundling and the Division of Family Permanency Services. Part of The Somewhere Project

Photo: Chris Lee, provided by Carnegie Hall

What Will You Hear?

It’s a collection of 31 sweet songs perfect for singing to your little one, or rocking along to in a cozy pre-nap snuggle. Emily Eagen, a teaching artist at Carnegie Hall, put this list together and calls them “little magical charms.” In the playlist, you’ll find classics you know by heart, like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and unique spins on tunes, like Hawaiian musician Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

What adds the educational element is actually what happens between the songs. Every few songs or so, an expert from Carnegie hall will cut in to offer specific, simple tips about how you can build an even stronger bond with your baby through movement, music and play. It’s like having your own music class, available any time, free of charge.

Musical Connections: Lullaby Project Creative Session

Photo: Jennifer Taylor, provided by Carnegie Hall

Why Should You Listen?

Loads of studies document the brain-boosting power of music. But music does more than kick-start cognitive skills: lullabies provide a chance for parents and their kids to connect and create the soundtrack for unshakable memories of soothing care found in mama or papa’s arms.

Photo: Jennifer Taylor, provided by Carnegie Hall

What is Carnegie Hall’s Lullaby Project?

The Lullaby Project isn’t just a collection of beautiful songs: it’s a project through which mothers who’ve had especially tough times, like struggling with homelessness, craft a lullaby for their little one, working side-by-side with professional musicians. These personal songs create deep connections between mamas and their beloved children. If you want to learn more about the Lullaby Project – including tips on how all of us who aren’t musicians can make up our own one-of-a-kind tunes for our little ones – check out the information here.

Tell us: What’s your kiddo’s favorite lullaby?

-Oz Spies