The great thing about a gender reveal party to share your baby’s sex? You can throw it while you are figuratively bursting at the seams (but “literally” is still a few months away). So get the gang together to share your team pink or team blue news. Read on for fun and creative ways to reveal your baby’s sex and get guests involved in the guesswork.

photo: reneeellisdesigns via Pixabay

Ice, Ice Baby
Using iceor everyone’s favorite cold treat, ice creamis a cool way to share the exciting news:
* An ice sculpture is an unexpected throwback you can give a modern twist to for your reveal. Light the frozen statue with an LED light in pink or blue.
* Fill ice cream cones with marshmallows or candies in pink or blue, depending on baby’s gender. (Ask a friend to set this up if you want to be surprised with the reveal.) Then top half the cones with pink ice cream and the other half with blue. Let guests choose their ice cream cone depending on their boy-or-girl prediction. When they bite down to the cone, they’ll find out if they were right.

photo: highlander411 via flickr

Light Up Your Life
For a dramatic display, plan an evening event with lights so the soft glow of blue or pink will pop against a dark sky:
* Use flashing, colored LED ice cubes in pink or blue to turn a toast to the expectant couple into a flashy show of the baby’s gender.
* Decorate a tree with twinkling lights and host a tree-lighting ceremony in the backyard.
* Let your news sparkle with pyrotechnics! If you also want to be surprised by reveal, enlist the help of a friend to buy the right color fireworks and set them off.
* Some ferris wheels, like SkyWheel in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and The Capital Wheel in National Harbor, Maryland, offer packages that set the stage for an evening celebration. The ferris wheel lights up in pink or blue (or both, for fraternal twins) for a reveal that can be celebrated for miles around.

A Surprise Inside
You have a few more months until you can reveal the ultimate surprise, your new bundle of joy. But until then, you can pop, slice, and whack your way to the tell-all colors of pink and blue:
* Consider a piñata, especially if you’re having kids at your celebration. You’ll find great options on Etsy, like this one from the Pom Joy Fun! shop. It’s an exciting way to let the cat—or in this case, candy—out of the bag.
* Take a classic approach: Serve a cake filled with blue or pink icing for a simple but delicious reveal.
* It all started with an egg, so let the sex of your little chickadee be discovered with surprise egg favors, like these eggs from Etsy shop My Mercado.

photo: JSBannerDesigns via etsy

Team Sports
Let’s face it, everyone is rooting for a gender. Whichever way you choose to reveal the surprise, put a creative spin on the team theme with these dress-up ideas that get guests involved:
* Putter or Pearls: Have those on Team Boy dress in their golf best. Think it’s a girl? Clutch those pearls! You can buy the beautiful banner shown above at the Etsy shop JS Banner Designs.
* Stache or Lash: Provide guests with oversized mustache and eyelash photo props and let them pick a team prior to the reveal.
* Bowties or Bows: Let guests choose from an assortment of bows. Fasten it to your hair if you’re Team Girl. Wear it around your neck to show you’re Team Boy.

Still seeking inspiration? Here are two more ideas for sharing the big news in a big way:

baseballrevealphoto: Brittany Wong

Home Run Reveal
Every sports fanatic will get behind this gender reveal. This expecting mom and dad filled a white ball with colored chalk and painted it to look like baseball. In a collaborative effort, mom pitched the ball while dad swung a home run of electric blue into the air. The crowd went wild. For more smashing photos, head over to Simply Kissed.

gender-scratch-cardsphoto: Later Gator Crafts

Lucky Guess Scratch Cards
Send these professionally printed scratch cards along with your invitation to your baby shower so guests know what gifts to buy. (They’ll have fun making a guess and scratching to see if they’re correct.) Or make it a game during your baby shower for interactive fun. To learn how to make your own scratch cards, visit Later Gator Crafts.

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