Everyone knows that cupcakes are really just regular cakes that haven’t grown up yet … which makes them perfect for a first birthday party. Surprise those wide eyes and gaping mouths with an amazingly decorated treat that’ll have their hands clenching, “Gimme, please!” Whether your little one is a vegan or frosting fiend, click through our album to find a recipe that’s just right.

Marshmallow Flower Toppers

For tiny taste testers who have already displayed their sophisticated side, this chrysanthemum cupcake will satisfy their discerning eye. Let the flower bloom in five steps with Hummingbird High’s directions. Plus, sprinkles and marshmallows — what’s not to love?

Photo by Hummingbird High



Have any cupcake tricks, baby-friendly substitutions and more? Share them in the comments below!

— Christal Yuen