Everyone knows that cupcakes are really just regular cakes that haven’t grown up yet … which makes them perfect for a first birthday party. Surprise those wide eyes and gaping mouths with an amazingly decorated treat that’ll have their hands clenching, “Gimme, please!” Whether your little one is a vegan or frosting fiend, click through our album to find a recipe that’s just right.

Rainbow Frosting Cupcake

Pop the red cherry off after you’ve finished taking pictures of your sunshine’s big smile. Then whip out the camera again to capture the moment they smash into seven layers of vibrant happiness. Luckily, babies have no qualms about playing with their food, because we think this Sprinkle Bakes’s rainbow concoction is just too beautiful (psst - recipe here!).

 Photo by Sprinkle Bakes


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— Christal Yuen