Everyone knows that cupcakes are really just regular cakes that haven’t grown up yet … which makes them perfect for a first birthday party. Surprise those wide eyes and gaping mouths with an amazingly decorated treat that’ll have their hands clenching, “Gimme, please!” Whether your little one is a vegan or frosting fiend, click through our album to find a recipe that’s just right.

Hey, Mater Cupcake

For a regular Cars party, this Mater character cake is a must to impress. Mater’s teeth is made of gum, and his eyes are M&Ms, so remember to take them away before letting your birthday kid get a hold of him. Click here for The Speckled Freckle’s assembly directions.


Have any cupcake tricks, baby-friendly substitutions and more? Share them in the comments below!

— Christal Yuen