Ask any new parent, and they’ll tell you the whole “sleeping like a baby” thing is a myth, probably conjured up by the (well rested) newborn-less. If your arms are crying out for a break from all the rock-a-bye-babying, prepare to rest easy. DayDreamer Sleeper has just hit the market.


Think of this new portable mini bed as an extra set of hands around the house without the batteries, noises or motions of other common baby gear. It’s solid and stable, with a flat base, harness and high walls to keep baby enclosed and safe.

Some parents might find it also has health benefits. Its shape perfectly supports an infant’s delicate frame, and the 28-degree angle helps ease conditions like acid reflux and plagiocephaly.


Use it the first few days in your bedroom so that baby is safely within reach, or move it easily around the home for naps. When you need to clean it just zip off the cover and throw in the wash. You’ll soon be wishing it came in a grownup size.

The DayDreamer Sleeper is available in blue, pink, and sage and is sold at Babies “R” Us in stores and online here for $129.99. For more info, check out

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— Selena Kohng