Even when you have it down to a science, diapering comes with all kinds of surprises from mega blowouts to impossibly squirmy babies. Need some new ideas on making this time a fun bonding experience with baby or tricks for getting the job done fast? Read on for some of our favorite game-changing products and ideas for all sorts of diapering conundrums.

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photo: Kevin Phillips via flickr

1. Double Up for Overnight Leaks
Parents of kiddos who are “heavy wetters” at night get creative when it comes to keeping baby dry until the morning arrives. There are always liners (disposable, or a dizzying array of options for cloth diapers), or why not just slap two diapers on that baby? When it comes to disposable, go up a size for the second diaper. Some cloth diapering parents will use disposables at night, or a disposable with a cloth diaper on top. Whatever works!

2. Diaper Change Song
Some babies just don’t like diaper changes. Find a special song that your little one will enjoy and be comforted by during this special (or stinky) time together. Try something quiet or something silly to see what works best for distraction. Make it fun for yourself, and bring a happy attitude, and baby will be more likely to enjoy it as well. Some babies might like a nursery rhyme, while others will appreciate vigorous renditions of your favorite show tune. Need some ideas? Check out this YouTube playlist for fun songs and activities when baby is on his back.

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3. Blowout Blocker
You can’t predict every blowout (though we wish we could!) but for those times when you absolutely do not want a blowout—on the way to baby’s first photo shoot or a wedding, maybe—or if you’re expecting a long-awaited diaper’s fill, try out the Blowout Blocker. It’ll still be messy, but it may save the clothes, blankets, and car seat.

Available at babyblowoutblocker.com, $12.95.


4. BabyBum Diaper Cream Brush
“I thought this was ridiculous until I tried it, and now I’m buying it for everybody!” The reviews on this diaper cream brush are enthusiastic not because parents are squeamish about touching their babies’’ bums, but because they’re tired of dealing with squirmy babies while their fingers are coated with thick or sticky cream. Paste goes on thick and evenly, so who can argue with that?

Available at amazon.com, $9.99.


5. LifeChanger
It’s a diaper bag! It’s a changing pad! It’s a reason to relax about taking baby to the beach and worrying about getting sand everywhere. It even works in your lap when that’s all you have—like those bathrooms without changing tables. Of course, it also holds everything you need for the diaper change: four mesh pouches can carry diapers, wipes, and all the other things baby needs on the go.

Available at annaevellc.com, $124.99.

6. Set a Timer
Is your older baby too busy to stop exploring long enough to endure a diaper change? Let baby know she has three minutes of play before the change, and then set a timer. When the bell rings, it’s time to change, and she’s had time to get used to the idea. Ideally, you’ll have a happier baby who’ll stay still for tummy kisses.

Your New Sun Safety Secret

7. Babyganics Swim Diapers
Yes, they work great in the water, but they also have a special feature that will keep baby safe playing in the sand in the beach. A cheerful turtle appears after Baby has been in the sun, and the turtle changes color after 20-30 minutes of sun exposure. That means it’s time to re-apply sunscreen, or to get your little one into the shade for a rest.

Available at target.com, $9.99.

8. Diaper Time Only Toys
Older babies will enjoy having something to hold onto during the diaper change, distracting them long enough to get the job done. Be sure it’s something that’s easily washed and sanitized, though, just in case it makes a trip to the dirty diaper zone. Small toys and books meant for the bath work great.

9. Sprout Diaper Changer App
When you have a newborn, you can’t quite keep track (in your sleep-deprived head) of the last time they had a dirty diaper, this Sprout app makes things simple when it’s time to report your little angel’s “activity” to the doctor. Keep track of color, frequency and other details in this easy-to-use app. Find info about this and 5 other diaper changing apps in our story on the subject.

Available at itunes.com, free.


10. Keekaroo Peanut Diaper Changer
Keep your little peanut safe and clean in this unique diaper changer. Say goodbye to changing pad covers—when this Peanut Diaper Changer (named for its unique shape) gets dirty, just wipe it down or hose it off if things go that way. It’s slip-proof, too, with raised edges, so squirmy baby is more likely to stay put. Of course, you should always keep a hand on baby during changes off the floor.

Available at target.com, $98.99.

11. Hatch Baby Smart Diaper Pad
Look out, data lovers. It may not make diaper changing time any easier in the moment, but the smart diaper pad makes your life easier all by doing the dirty deed that you’ve got to do anyway. The pad will weigh its little occupant, and parents can track the diaper change right on the pad or with the associated app. Share the information easily with user accounts for other caregivers, too.

Available at hatchbaby.com, $249.

What are your favorite diaper game changers that you can’t live without? Let us know in the Comments!

—Kelley Gardiner