Step right up for amazing DIY baby costumes, all of which center around something you have at home: a onesie! From a sweet sloth to a sprinkled doughnut, these simple do-it-yourself costumes will have your baby ready for Halloween (and super comfortable!) in no time.

Ice Cream Sundae

Our friends at Primary, who make our favorite baby bodysuits, have shared a bunch of clever costume ideas and simple instructions on how to make them. We love this cute ice cream sundae costume (pictured above)and its quick, no-sew directions. Here are some of our other faves:

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Sloth and Tree

This Martha Stewart-approved sloth costume starts with a onesie, adds a baby carrier and lets mom get in on the fun by dressing in brown and being the tree the sloth is climbing on. Visit Martha Stewart for the instructions and simple sloth template.

'80s Aerobics Instructor

This DIY costume is a winner in three major categories: It's easy to make, adorable and super cozy. Grab some leg warmers, a onesie and a headband and you're nearly done. If you don't have the sewing skills to make a felt boombox, get a cardboard box and a Sharpie and draw one.


Calling all gamers! Start with a white onesie and cut out felt pieces of Pac-Man, dots and a ghost. Or, head to Etsy and pick up a readymade version from the 1 Little Hapa Lamb shop.

photo: She Knows


Transform any onesie into a cute crayon costume with a crayon template you print out on iron-on paper! She Knows has supplied the easy-peasy crayon costume instructions and the clever crayon template. This is a great costume idea for twins or group costumes.


If you can sew or use a hot glue gun, you can make this football costume. It's perfect for sports fans or if you have an older sibling dressing up as a football player. Head to Lines Across for the instructions. 

photo: Lissables Photography


Create mommy's little mummy in 30 minutes or less with Alissa Christensen's easy tutorial. The best part about this costume is your baby won't even know they're in it, which might mean they'll sleep right through all that noisy trick-or-treating!

photo: Oh Happy Day

Strong Man

The photo shows a t-shirt, but you could easily swap in a red onesie. What makes this costume are the tattoos and barbell, which is cleverly constructed from balloons and a cardboard roll so it's light enough for a baby to hold. Oh Happy Day has the instructions you need to make your own.

photo: Make It & Love It

Where's Waldo

In a chilly climate, you'll appreciate the hat on this easy-to-identify costume. All you'll need is a white onesie to cover with red felt strips and red and white fleece for the hat. Add jeans and round glasses (if you can't find any, search for Harry Potter glasses at online retailers), and you're all set. Make It & Love It has the tutorial.


A skeleton is an easy costume for kids at any age, and it's ideal for a squirmy or sleepy baby. And We Play shared this costume that you can throw together last-minute with a black onesie, leggings and some white duct tape. Keep it simple with white strips or go fancy to cut the tape into bone shapes.


This doughnut costume is a little more involved than the others, but it's worth the effort. And it doesn't require any sewing. Pop over to Atkinson Drive for the tutorial.

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