What’s the best way to display your baby’s ID bracelet, birth announcement, and other newborn treasures? A newborn shadow box. This quick craft turns your keepsakes into a baby shadow box you can hang in the nursery so you, and your baby, will never forget just how teeny they were and how excited you were about their arrival. Read on for three steps to DIY your own baby shadow box.


photo: Taking Care of Monkey Business

Step 1: Gather Your Keepsakes

Figure out what you’d like to display. Some baby shadow box ideas: a sonogram, baby’s first photo, the hospital ID bracelet, the hat they wore in the hospital, first socks or booties, baby’s coming home outfit, your baby’s first pacifier, the birth announcement, tiny footprints, crib shoes, or a piece of a beloved swaddling blanket.


photo: Or So She Says

Step 2: Buy the Supplies

Head to your favorite craft store to pick up the items you’ll need to complete keepsake shadow box. First, you’ll need the shadow box itself. We like the Studio Decor 4-Way Adjustable Shadow Box because it’s specially designed to be flexible in its depth so it can accommodate larger items like crib shoes or lovies. It’s also sized well for this project at 12 inches square. Looking for something more ornate? Try the 10-inch square Studio Decor Scalloped Shadow Box.

You may also want to include small wooden letters for your baby’s initials or use felt letter stickers to spell out a name or nickname. To add color or a pattern, use scrapbooking paper for your background.

And finally, you’ll need something to hold your keepsakes in place inside the shadow box. Try few pretty pearlized pins or mini clothespins so you don’t have to cover your keepsakes in glue.

shadow boxesphoto: The Crazy Picture Lady


Step 3: Put It Together

Once you have everything in front of you, it’s time to create your baby shadow box. Start by lining your shadow box with scrapbook paper. Next, start pinning your keepsakes to the board, collage style, including any initials or letters you’d like to include.

Once you’re done, hang it in your baby’s nursery, on a family photo wall or place in a bookcase where you can pause to treasure those first memories of your newborn.

—Julie Seguss


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