If your baby shower guests are more crafty than the games types, these fun projects will help them to get creativeand give mom useful, one-of-a-kind keepsakes. Here are 9 DIY craft ideas for a memorable shower and a happy new mama!

Bleach Pen Shirts and Onesies

This simple, four-step DIY gives guests creative freedom in how they decorate a onesie. All it takes to make it is colored onesies (Carter's, Target and Walmart always have these in stock), freezer paper and bleach pens. The creator of this too-cute DIY, blogger Liz Stanley from the Say Yes blog, suggests that you either give onesies to guests in advance with a request to decorate it prior to the party, or that you turn it into a party activity. Visit Say Yes for the full step-by-step.


DIY Bow-Making Station

A baby girl can never have too many hair bows, and this craft station will help the mama-to-be get a good start. With a mix of supplies, like elastic, ribbon, buttons, a glue gun and a few other items, you'll have your very own bow-making station. Find out if the expectant mom has any preferences, like color or style, and then let the bow-makers go to work. If a baby boy is on the way, switch out the hair bow-making station for a bow tie creation booth. Get more inspiration on Positively Oakes.

An ABC Book for Baby

A is for apple, B is for ball. Task shower guests with creating a custom page — one of 26 for every letter in the alphabet — to create a one-of-a-kind ABC book for baby. Lay out lettered pages on a table along with markers, colored pencils, stamps and stencils. For smaller parties, ask guests to decorate more than one letter. For larger parties, add numbers zero through nine to the book so every guest has their own page. See the ABC book inspiration at A Girl and Glue Gun.


Diaper Decorating

In the early months, babies can go through 10-12 diapers a day. Help the parents-to-be prepare for this task by decorating diapers for them. From much-needed encouragement ("You can do it! One diaper closer to potty training!") to funny phrases ("I've got a surprise for you in my diaper..."), these diapers will add some fun to a task that isn't always pleasant. Have lots of diapers on hand — chances are, guests will want to do several each. Find out more about how to set up your own diaper decorating station on the Driven by Decor Blog.

Hand-Decorated Burp Cloths

While the amount of burp cloths a baby goes through isn't anywhere close to the number of diapers used in the first year, it's still a big number — so help Mom and Dad out by filling their stock of burp cloths. Better yet, enlist your guests to make them cute and custom-designed. This fun craft project allows each guest to create a totally unique burp cloth, whether it's adorned with a design, a quote, a message, etc. As the host, you can go all out by providing all kinds of decorating materials, like fabric markers, fringe to glue on and more. Find out more from A Plus Life Blog.

Photo: A Plus Life Blog

Framed Scrapbook Collage

The gals at Canary Street Crafts designed this sweet idea for every guest to decorate a page and include all of the pages within this collage-style frame. What makes it even more fun and special is that each guest wrote a note to the baby on the back of the page, so she would know who made each one. You can find frames like these at Target, Hobby Lobby and most other general craft and supply stores. If you can get intel on the nursery color-scheme in advance, you can pick out a frame that matches or even spray paint the frame a complementary color. Get the full scoop on this cute frame at Canary Street Crafts.

Photo: Canary Street Crafts

Onesie Painting Station

Get guests in a festive mood with a onesie painting station inspired by Victoria of A Subtle Revelry. Guests can create something fun for the baby to wear (and we all know babies go through so many onesies, you can never really have enough!). With a variety of supplies, materials and colors for paint and snap suits, it will be a blast for guests to put their fashion designer caps on. Helpful tip from Victoria: "Be sure to provide a hanging rack and hangers to allow the onesies to dry and the mom-to-be to thumb through them ohhing and ahhing over her favorites." Get the full tutorial and details over at A Subtle Revelry.

Photo: A Subtle Revelry

A Book of Well Wishes

Record those dreams, well wishes and hopes for Mom and Baby by giving each guest a sheet, then bind the pages together in a keepsake book. For a longer lifetime for the book (to last through years of wear, tear, drool and potential ripping), consider laminating each page, then binding it or three-hole-punching it for a binder. You can offer your guests blank pages, or like Courtney from A Plus Life blog did, each page had prompts, like "I hope you become __________," for guests to fill in the blank. See more on the book of well wishes from A Plus Life.

Photo: A Plus Life

The Bib-Decorating Challenge

Another great decorating station to incorporate into a baby shower? Bib customizing! Ashley from Hither and Tither says this was the perfect activity for a co-ed baby shower. She describes the bib decorating station as "great activity that was low-key, low-embarrassment and a lot of fun." Whether it's co-ed or not, guests will love showing off their final product. Find more information on bib decorating via Baby Mine.

Photo: Baby Mine/Hither and Tither

What’s your favorite baby shower game or activity? Share it below. 

—Jane Putnam


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