You’re a new mom. You love fashion. You consider yourself a bit of a trend setter. Not so into the idea of toting around a traditional diaper bag? Then this is your solution. Pick a shoulder bag or tote you love and pair it with a diaper wallet or clutch that holds the essentials – diapers, wipes and a change pad. Just like that you’ve got your own personalized bag to take on the go with your baby. See 8 of our favorite combos here.

Initialize It

We love the bright chevron pattern on this bag almost as much as we love it's spacious capacity. You'll have plenty of room for bottles, a lovey, a change of clothes and more. You can choose a monogram - yours or Baby's - to personalize it. Toss in the "BABE" diaper clutch changing bag and you're all set to go.

Bag available at, $34; diaper clutch available at, $14.99. Total price: $48.99.

What do you carry baby essentials in? Tell us about your style in a Comment.

–Julie Seguss