It’s a fact: babies love music. Even if you can’t carry a tune in a bucket, they’ll love rocking out with you. Make your jam sessions more fun with the help of these seven musical instruments, all easy to DIY with things found around the house.

Photo: Twodaloo

Hands Free Fun

Even newborns will get a kick (literally) out of a jingle bell bracelet. Strings beads and bells on elastic cord, then get ready to kick, stomp, shake and dance around with your little one. No time to hand dye wooden beads like Twodaloo suggests? Use already painted ones instead. Just remember these small trinkets can be choking hazards, so be sure to secure all beads and bells well and keep an eye on your baby when he's jingling away.


What songs do you like to sing and play along to with your baby?

–Julia Garza