Why is it so much fun to take pictures of babies? They barely move around! Lay them down and let the snapping begin — we found a few ideas for creative picture-taking using props and backdrops. All you need are some household items and a few crafting skills and you can re-create these arty-silly masterpieces. Click through our slideshow to get inspired and do some zooming of your own.

All the Measurements

Pick those forgotten weights, your bedside alarm alarm clock, a long ruler and a few other trinkets and piece together the cutest infographic ever. It’s easy to re-create a similar set-up while your babe is taking his or her daily nap. Just remember to get really close so that everyone can read all the details.

Photo courtesy of Erin Michaels


How have you snapped wow-worthy baby photos? Share your tips in the Comments below!

— Christal Yuen