Congratulations! You’ve done the impossible and survived your baby’s first year. After blowing out the candles and smashing the cake, commemorate this momentous occasion with an awesome DIY art project to adorn your walls made by your one and only little artist.

Day by Day

Photo: Mom*Tog

You've surely taken a photo or two of your baby over the past year, right? Get them off of your phone and on to your wall with a clever collage. Drew of Mom*Tog has all the details for making a collage in Photoshop, plus take a peek at her finished 365 project print hanging on the wall. Worried you don't have enough variety in your photos for a proper collage? Don't forget to check with Grandma for any photos she might've taken, too.


Did you make a special piece of art to commemorate your child’s first birthday? Share the details with us in the comments!

-Julia Garza