Lucky you! You’re planning your baby’s first birthday and it’s summertime. That means that there’s a long list of summer birthday party themes that are as fun and as easy-breezy as the season itself. From watermelon and ice pop themes to hosting an under the sea bash, we’ve got a list of summer party ideas that’ll leave your newly minted one-year-old showing off a sunny, cake-covered grin.

Ice Pop Party

While we're all screaming for ice cream, an ice pop theme (kind of like ice cream's creative and awesome little sister) is just as scream-worthy. Just ask Sam owner of online event decor store Duanne with Style who came up with this simply gorgeous birthday party for her daughter. The bright and summery effect is inspired by her daughter's favorite ice pop flavors lemon and pineapple, orange, kiwifruit and strawberry. This bash is especially perfect for teething babies who will love getting relief from frozen pops while they party.

Photo: Lee Bird Photography for Dunne with Style  

Did you throw a first birthday bash in the summer? Tell us about your theme in a Comment.

–Aimee Della Bitta