Think ice cream and popsicles are just for big kids? Think again! Frozen goodies can be great for your baby too, as a fun way to serve fruits and veggies, plus, cool treats can help soothe sore gums. From colorful frozen yogurt dots to creamy tropical smoothies, here are seven healthy frozen snacks that will make your little one drool. Move over, Mister Softee! These treats are fun, delicious and healthy.

Photo: Ralph Daily via Flickr

Banana Ice Cream

It tastes just like traditional ice cream, but doesn’t include any added sugar. Freeze two large very ripe bananas. Once frozen, cut into 1-inch pieces. Blend until creamy and spoon feed. You can make the dish even more flavorful by topping with a blueberry, strawberry or cherry puree.

Do you make frozen treats for your baby? Share your recipes in the Comments section.

–Michelle McIvor Cohen