Spice up your child’s mealtimes with these fun food-related products. Whether your have a picky eater who’s wary of new foods or a ravenous babe who can get bored during longer meals, these 9 new and noteworthy tools and accessories are sure to keep kids interested. Read on for all the details.

Silimap Silicone Foldable Placemat from Silikids

Silicone placemats are a lifesaver when you’re on the go, and this one teaches kids geography and gives them a durable surface to write on with washable marker, crayons and pens. You can easily wipe away any artistic masterpieces and food spills, and this mat folds up just like a map for easy storage in your car or bag.

Available at silikids.com, $14.95.

What’s your favorite way to liven up mealtime with your baby? Let us know below!

— Eva Ingvarson Cerise