Spice up your child’s mealtimes with these fun food-related products. Whether your have a picky eater who’s wary of new foods or a ravenous babe who can get bored during longer meals, these 9 new and noteworthy tools and accessories are sure to keep kids interested. Read on for all the details.

Snack Catcher from Munchkin

Toddlers love to dive into this snack container. Its soft flaps give easy access to snacks but won’t spill them when it falls over or gets thrown around. Handles are easy to grip for small hands, and the top comes off for easy cleaning. Comes in bright blue, green, orange and pink.

Available at munchkin.com, $3.

What’s your favorite way to liven up mealtime with your baby? Let us know below!

— Eva Ingvarson Cerise