Spice up your child’s mealtimes with these fun food-related products. Whether your have a picky eater who’s wary of new foods or a ravenous babe who can get bored during longer meals, these 9 new and noteworthy tools and accessories are sure to keep kids interested. Read on for all the details.

Mini Pop Molds from Zoku

Bring new life to your baby’s favorite smoothie by pouring it into these tiny popsicle molds. Each holds 2/3 fluid ounce and has a stick with a drip guard to minimize drippy messes. Good for an afternoon snack, and great for teething. On a cold day, make it a bathtub treat! Also works with breast milk or formula for teething babies who aren't eating solids yet.

Available at amazon.com, $18.96.

What’s your favorite way to liven up mealtime with your baby? Let us know below!

— Eva Ingvarson Cerise