It’s not just sleepless nights and diaper changes that run a new mom’s life. There are plenty of little habits that you unconsciously adapt on the job. Here’s a list of 13 things that new moms do — recognize any of them?

1. You have your “nice” sweatpants and your “around-the-house” sweatpants.


Photo: Stephen Bowler via Flickr

2. The thought of using a Nosefrida doesn’t gross you out. 

Self-suctioningPhoto: moppet65535 via Flickr

3. You have recently Googled an adjective or color followed by “baby poop.”
4. You can identify the make and model of a stroller from across the street.

stroller-flickrPhoto: Serge Melki via Flickr

5. Bottles are strewn all over your house and even your car, plus you were up half the night. It’s kinda like your college days, but without the hangover.

bottle-baby-flickrPhoto: Neeta Lind via Flickr

6. You’ve taken more pictures than Ansel Adams on an excursion to the Sierra Nevada.

Photo: Official US Navy via Flickr

7. Your shirt is on backwards, or possibly backwards and inside-out. Or maybe you forgot your Snuggie isn’t exactly outerwear.

snuggie-flickr-wearPhoto: Travis Isaacs via Flickr

8. You’ve gone through the 5 Stages of Hearing Elmo’s Voice — delight, disinterest, annoyance, rage and then resigned tolerance.

elmo-flickrPhoto: Erin Stevenson O’ Connor via Flickr

9. A “vacation” is a 30-minute trip to Target … by yourself!

target-flickr-new (1)
Photo: Mike Kalasnik via Flickr

10. You know all the infomercials aired on TV at 3 a.m. In fact you’ve seen them so many times, you’re starting to think you need to own a Boflex or, yum, five S’mores Wizards.

infomercial-flickr-smoresPhoto: Richard Kelland via Flickr

11. You wear four tops at once so you never look like you’ve been drooled on.

baby-drool-flickrPhoto: Robin Taylor via Flickr

12. If you are missing your phone, keys or sanity, you better check the fridge because that’s where you’ve been putting stuff these days. 

brad-k-fridge-flickrPhoto: Brad K. via Flickr

13. You single handedly sustain the economy with your late-night Amazon shopping sprees. The UPS guy is your new best friend. 

amazon-flickrPhoto: Carl Malamud via Flickr

What kind of quirky habits did you discover yourself doing as a new mom? Let us know in the Comments section below.

— Ruby Germain, Phebe Wahl, Ayren Jackson-Cannady, Leah Singer, Erin Lem, Kelly Aiglon & Christal Yuen