Having twins often mean two times everything with two babies — twice the number of diapers changed, double the bottles made and two times just about everything else. Luckily, there are resources, tools, gear and gadgets out there just for parents of twins to help make it a little bit easier and to accommodate the two-of-everything need. Check out this roundup of products perfect for twins and their parents.

Skin-to-Skin Time Made Easier

Skin-to-skin time has many benefits, for both parents and babies. It helps to boost babies' mental development, promotes healthy weight, helps mom produce breastmilk, can even make breastfeeding easier and helps babies' sleep, among other benefits. The NuRoo Pocket can be used with twins when you're sitting down. It's easy to use, too, with no tying, wrapping or knotting. You can use it from day one, so be sure to pack it in your hospital bag.

Available at nuroobaby.com, $59.99.

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— Jane Putnam