Balmy summer days go hand in hand with long walks. But when sunny and pleasant turns steamy and hot, we worry about our little ones getting overheated in their stroller seats. A new product — the Geleeo cooling pad — solves that problem. It’s like the ice packs you put in lunch boxes, but for baby bums.

The inventor, Helene Xu, noticed her toddler daughter was cranky and sometimes even developed a heat rash after riding in her stroller on hot days, so she looked around for cooling products to use but found nothing that she felt really worked. (Ice packs? Too much planning ahead, and besides, they melt fast.) A determined Xu then embarked on the years of research that led her to a type of gel that would stay cool without refrigeration — a product that she thought would be perfect if it could be put to use keeping kids comfortable in their strollers.


The result is Geleeo, a reversible, gel-filled cooling pad that fits all major stroller seats. The gel’s main ingredient is water, and Geleeo has been tested for safety and complies with all U.S. regulations. If it’s less than 86 degrees outside, just install the remarkably heavy but plush-feeling Geleeo in your stroller seat, add child, and go — it stays cool without refrigeration. When it’s hotter than 86 degrees, refrigerate the pad for an hour or two before you embark on your wheeled adventure.

Get ready for one chill summer.

To buy Geleeo, which retails for $50, go to or check out these retailers. And for more info, click here.

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— Amalie Drury