Gender-neutral nurseries are so in style. Whether you’re waiting for the big day to find out the sex or your child, or just want to avoid the typical pink or blue color scheme, they have endless potential and possibilities. We found 11 spaces — featuring everything from graphic-pattern pop to hot air balloon themes — perfect for any new arrival. Click through to get inspired!

Make a Big Impact in a Small Space

A small space for baby can be cozy instead of cramped. Suburban Urbanist blogger Jenna Halvorson managed to bring cheer into the teeny tiniest of nooks with colorful curtains, shag rug and tons of added storage. After creating a focal point (not to mention more sitting space) with the window bench, the decals were added to the Cape Cod wall for baby’s amusement.

Photo courtesy Jenna Halvorson via Suburban Urbanist

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— Gabby Cullen