Gender-neutral nurseries are so in style. Whether you’re waiting for the big day to find out the sex or your child, or just want to avoid the typical pink or blue color scheme, they have endless potential and possibilities. We found 11 spaces — featuring everything from graphic-pattern pop to hot air balloon themes — perfect for any new arrival. Click through to get inspired!

Be Eclectic

This mish-mash of funky and modern is just as appealing to grownups, as it is to Baby. A colorful painting anchors the room, and sleek window treatments and an area rug are perfect trimmings. This nursery walks the line between affordable and fantasy because although the rug is expensive, the crib is a bargain deal from Toys 'R' Us and the painting was found at a flea market. Scour the sources over at Elements of Style and get inspired!

Photo: Erin Gates via Elements of Style

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— Gabby Cullen