Whether you’re pregnant, a new mom for the first (or fifth) time, or just want to reminisce about those magical early days of motherhood, here are articles that capture it all—the good, bad, hilarious and exhausting. We’ve also included tons of solid advice on self-care, so you can feel your best and get the most out of being a mom.

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8 Things to Never Say to a Pregnant Woman & 1 Thing You Should
We've all heard the surprising, laughable and downright rude things people say to pregnant women. See how many you've heard and learn the one thing we should all be saying to ourselves and other pregnant women.

20 Things You’ll Think During the Third Trimester
The third trimester is an exciting and pretty weird time. If you're in the home stretch or want to revisit those days, read on and prepare to nod and smile at these 20 relatable thoughts.

13 Things Every Mom Wishes She Knew Before Her First Baby
You can only prepare so much for having a baby. Here, a mom shares encouraging words about what to expect and all the fun to come.

26 Cheat Sheets Every Pregnant & New Mama Needs
If you're too busy to read pregnancy and parenting books to find answers to all of your questions, these are the CliffsNotes you need. Bookmark it and thank us later.

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New Moms & Beyond

Hang in There: 25 Things New Moms Need to Hear
Yes, it can be tough. No, you won't sleep enough and will worry too much. But you're doing great. Here are 25 key pieces of advice you'll treasure as a new mom.

Advice to New Moms from Moms Who’ve Been There
Mamas, here's your tribe: Moms share wisdom on sleep, self-care and getting perspective on those intense early days.

21 Things You’ll Think as a New Mom
It's amazing what a heart bursting with love for a new baby and a profound lack of sleep will do to a mom's brain. Read on to laugh and feel truly seen.

12 Reasons Why New Moms Need Friends
It's strange to feel lonely when someone is literally attached to your hip (or your boob). But that's what it's like and why it's worth the effort to make new friends and keep the old.

“10 Things Every Toddler Mom Should Know.” Signed, Your Toddler
You finally figured out the baby thing and then your child turned into a toddler, with all the food-throwing and big feelings that goes along with it. We decode the toddler mind so you can better understand and enjoy them.

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10 Ways for New Moms to Feel Like Themselves Again
It's easy to lose yourself in your new life as a mom. And some things, like your belly, may never go back to how they were. But that's okay, when you've figured out how to love your new normal. We show you how.

10 Quick, Easy Self-Care Tips for New Moms
Self-care looks different for every mama, but one thing's for sure: We all need it. Try these ideas for taking care of yourself.

Win Back 30+ Minutes in Your Day, New Moms!
New moms never seem to have enough time—until they read this article and learn all the smart ways to carve out quality time in your day.

DIY Beauty Hacks because You Need Self Care Right Now
Look and feel like you just stepped out of the salon (even if you haven't left your house in days) with these easy and inexpensive beauty tips using products you probably already have at home.

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