Pregnant and feeling the heat this summer? Cool off with a yummy smoothie featuring ingredients that’ll benefit both you and your baby. In our mouth-watering recipes below, you’ll find a smoothie to satisfy any pregnancy craving, from nutty or chocolatey to tart or sweet. Some even help with morning sickness. Click through the gallery to give them a whirl!

Flaxseed Banana Smoothie

Nuts and seeds are known for high quantities of zinc, an all-around superstar when pregnant. Zinc boosts your immunity and your baby's cell growth. So indulge in this tasty zinc-loaded, banana-based delight, which has both flaxseeds and walnuts. Pickled Plum will fill you in on this simple, nutrient-packed refresher.

photo: Pickled Plum

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— Sarah Blight & Eva Ingvarson Cerise

featured photo: silivarita via pixabay