New eaters can be picky eaters, but you will both love these new and nutritious foods designed specifically for babies and toddlers. Packed with healthy ingredients (hello, pea protein and bok choy) and available in delicious flavor combinations and kid-friendly packaging (pouches! teething wafers!), they’re a win-win. Read on for your baby’s new favorite foods!

Oat Milk Välling & Smart Oats from Bla Bla Foods

Oat milk is not only the latest trend for adults. Many Swedish children have grown up on an oat-based milk called välling, and now your kids can too. This nutrient-dense oat milk from Bla Bla Foods comes in powder form and is made from organic oats, coconut milk and pea protein. Mix it with water or any milk you choose for a nutritious, delicious thick drink packed with protein, iron, calcium and fiberand without preservatives or added sugar. Pro tip from Swedish parents: A little välling before bedtime can help babies sleep better. Also new from the company: Upgrade baby's (and your whole family's) oatmeal with organic Smart Oats, which includes quinoa, chia seeds, acai and beets to support muscle, brain and cell development, as well as coconut milk and oats for fat, protein and iron. Best of all, it's naturally pink!

Available at, $7.99 for Oat Milk Välling and $6.99 for Smart Oats. Buy single bags or start a monthly subscription.


Biodynamic, Organic Pouches & Applesauce from White Leaf Provisions

Environmentally conscious parents will love these new fruit and veggie pouches and applesauce flavors (apple + pear, apple + cinnamon) from White Leaf Provisions.  The offerings from this family-run business are both biodynamic and organic. You'll feel good about the delicious snacks you're feeding your kids, as well as the recyclable packaging and earth-friendly farming methods. 

Available at, $17.94 for a six-pack of pouches and $7.59 for a four-pack of applesauce.

photo: Once Upon a Farm

Baby Food Cups from Once Upon a Farm

Designed for kids who love spoon feeding, these organic baby-food cups are cold-pressed to preserve the nutrients, taste and texture of the farm-fresh ingredients they're made with. They come in three stages: stage 1 (5+ months) focuses on delicious fruit and veggie purees; stage 2 (7+ months) adds good fats and more adventurous flavor combinations; and stage 3 (9+ months) adds more texture and spices.

Available at,

Baby Food & Toddler Bowls from Happy Family

Yummy new flavors of baby food and hearty toddler bowls! Happy Baby Clearly Crafted Jars ($1.25), which feature organic ingredients and the name of the farms where ingredients are grown on each jar, now come in six new flavors: carrots; green beans; carrots & peas; pears & prunes; pears, pineapple & avocado; apples, mangos & beets. The company's Happy Tot Bowls ($2.99) are full of nutritious ingredients and contain no added sugar. The new flavors are: turkey bolognese with lentil pasta, mac & cheese with organic lentil pasta & veggie sauce, and cheesy lentils & quinoa with organic cauliflower & parmesan sauce. 

Purees & Snacks from Sprout Foods

Sprout Foods, known for creating nutritious and delicious food that helps kids get their veggies and other nutrients, is debuting new pouches and snacks for both babies and toddlers. The exciting new offerings include organic waffles, quick-dissolving teething wafers, purees made with organic bone broth protein, four toddler smoothies (made with either yogurt or coconut milk) and two pouches of plant-based protein.

Available at

Freeze-Dried Baby Food from Bon Petit

This freeze-dried baby food is packed full of nutrients and other magic: It doesn't expire and is super compact and convenient for travel (even in a carry-on!). To serve, mix the powder with water, breastmilk, formula, milk or broth. Or, for older kids, add the powder to prepared meals to up their health factor. Choose from delicious and nutritious options with clever names, including: Smashing Pumpkins (Japanese pumpkins and carrots), Goldilocks Chicken Congee (millet, barley, koshihikari rice, chicken stock, celery, carrot, bok choy and Japanese pumpkin) and Under the Sardinian Sea (wild sole, Italian white beans, tomato, oregon, basil and avocado oil.

Available at, $17.50-$20 for a 5-pack.

YoBaby Veggie Yogurt Cups from Stonyfield Organic

New in January 2019 are Stonyfield Organic YoBaby Veggie Yogurt cups in purple carrot and sweet potato flavors, as well as Kids Whole Milk pouches in new flavors apple cinnamon, sweet potato, and blueberry apple carrot. The baby yogurt cups include no added sweeteners and, like all of their products, are certified organic and free from artificial hormones, toxic pesticides and GMOs. Find the new lines at Target, Publix, Hannafords and many more retailers (find a store near you). Looking for something non-dairy? Try the brand's three new non-dairy fruit and veggie smoothie pouches, made with rich coconut cream as well as half a serving of fruit per pouch. The pouches are available at Whole Foods and come in tropical twist, strawbana smash and berry cherry blast flavors.  

photo: Yummy Spoonfuls

Bowls & Bites from Yummy Spoonfuls

Calling all toddlers! Even picky eaters will love the flavor combinations in these bowls (veggie beef, sweet potato & chicken, pinto bean & turkey) and bites (turkey & spinach, chicken & sweet potato, chicken & broccoli). And parents will love that they're nutritious, organic and packed with protein, grains and veggies. And, best of all, they're specifically designed for toddlers' developmental and nutritional needs and don't contain added sugars, artificial preservatives, additives or artificial flavors. Launched in November 2018, the line also features bigger bowls designed for kids age 2 and up.

Available at

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