Now that you’re pregnant, it’s time for some new born preparation! There’s a lot to do, from finding health care, to designing the nursery, to shopping for chic maternity clothes. It can be overwhelming, so here’s a list of the essential tasks that will help keep you and your unborn child happy and healthy.

Start with health care: Providing your child with the best care means planning early. First, check with your health insurance provider to ensure that you’re covered for prenatal care and delivery costs. Once you get the details settled, you should figure out whether your current caregiver is the one you want to have as your primary medical resource throughout your pregnancy. This depends on whether he or she is certified for prenatal care. If not, you’ll want to find a caregiver who’s got plenty of experience with pregnant women and loves babies. Rather than search the Internet and read pages of reviews, talk to neighbors or friends who live in the same area for word-of-mouth recommendations.

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