Your baby’s eyesight isn’t fully developed when she’s born. She can’t make out far away objects or differentiate between all the colors of the rainbow. What can she see? You when you’re close by (hooray!) and big contrasts between light and dark colors. That’s why you’ll find many baby toys and goodies in high contrasting black, white and red patterns. Stimulate your baby’s vision with these bold toys, blankets, art and books – some parents even swear they’ll magically calm and captivate your infant.

Mobile Entertainment

Handmade from origami fabric cubes, this mobile is the perfect thing to keep your infant engaged when he wakes up from a nap in his crib - or if you need to keep him occupied while you fold his laundry or refill his diaper drawer.

Available from Nuppi on, $82.


What baby products do you use to stimulate your baby’s vision? Tell us in a Comment.

–Julie Seguss