A high-tech pregnancy and an app-enabled babyhood can be at your fingertips. Now, we parent with our smartphones and have Dr. Google at the ready to diagnose that mysterious rash or explain the pregnancy aches. Here are five new baby and pregnancy apps you need to know about, from ones that put brain-boosting music education at your fingertips, to a Bluetooth-enabled pregnancy test.

belly bump app

The Coolest New Way to Take Belly Photos

Belly Bump is the newest pregnancy and baby app created by three dads, including Justin Baldoni (AKA Rafael from Jane the Virgin). The app makes it easy to create a time lapse video tracking your growing belly during pregnancy, and then later, your little one’s growth. Choose from several different poses – like a head-to-toe shot or 180 degrees of your bump to capture every angle. You can set the app to give you daily, weekly or biweekly selfie reminders so you don’t forget to snap the photo. Then, with all those pics, use the built-in features to create your own sweet time lapse movie set to your favorite tune. Plus, the app makes it a cinch to share your awesome creation with friends and family.

App available at iTunes,  $0.99


A Musical Boost for Baby’s Brain

Here’s the high tech version of playing Bach for your baby (and baby-to-be). Nuryl is an app that plays a unique mix of music in a quest to super-charge your kiddo’s neural connections. From five months into pregnancy all the way to age two, Nuryl reports their tunes will build up the language center of your wee one’s brain. While you’re pregnant, you can plug in a pair of soft padded headphones, strap them to your belly and pipe music in to your future Einstein. Newborns and toddlers can listen to Nuryl through speakers (no headphones for sensitive ears, please). The app’s developer, an educator and father, suggests spending an hour listening per day, and the app tracks all your listening time. Then, the app gives tips about the power of interacting with your little one while you listen along, like dancing together. If you can’t make it to music class in person, Nuryl offers an electronic, mobile substitute.

App available at iTunes, from $9.99 for a subscription.


The Pump with Super Powers

Lansinoh’s bluetooth-enabled Smartpump makes it easy to track the date, time and duration of every single milk-making session through its connection to a free app on your phone. The quiet-motor electric pump itself has an updated design — fewer parts to clean and suction levels that you can adjust to work best for you. Then, the app gives you a place to add in the amount of milk you pumped, on top of everything else tracked. If you want, you can even input your baby’s feeding sessions (both breast and bottle), fill out a growth log or count diapers in the handy dirty diaper diary. Make the most of the app by adding reminders for when it’s time to pump and reading helpful tips about nursing challenges that crop up along the way.

Smartpump available at Lansinoh, $199+. App is free on iTunes and Google Play.

Momsense app

Mama’s Little Nursing Helper

Ever wonder how much milk your breastfeeding baby is getting? For new moms who want hard numbers, Momsense offers tools to provide information about just that. The app creates a feeding diary by gathering information from a sensor you place on your baby’s jaw. Based on the gulps picked up by the sensor, Momsense calculates how much milk your kiddo has consumed – really! The sensor doesn’t work until colostrum has been replaced by milk, so you’ll need to wait a few days after you little one arrives to use it. Momsense also suggests using it in airplane mode, to avoid radiation. What’s more, the sensor is connected to a special set of headphones so you, and your partner, can hear baby’s belly fill. If your feeling anxious about nursing and don’t have a baby scale to weigh your little one pre and post nursing sessions, Momsense might be able to give you a little peace of mind – though it’s no replacement for an expert lactation consultant, of course!

Kit available at Momsense for $89. App is free.

Pregnancy Pro

The Pregnancy Test You Never Knew You Needed

Is that regular old pee-on-a-stick test not cutting it for you? Then try the wireless-enabled pregnancy test: First Response’s Pregnancy PRO. Download the app (it’s free), then follow the instructions to link your test stick. The app will walk you through using the test stick itself — it’s just like a regular test with an absorbent tip. Then, as a three minute timer counts down, you can choose to distract yourself with cute puppy videos. Test results will pop up right there on the screen. If you’re pregnant, the super-smart app will ask for a little more information, like the first day of your last period, and estimate your due date. If not, the app will give tips about cycle tracking, and you can try again next month with another test. Since the tests are Bluetooth enabled, they’re more expensive than regular drugstore tests, but you might find that the novelty of a CONGRATULATIONS message flashing on your iPhone screen is worth it.

Available online at Amazon from $21.79. App is free and available on iTunes and Google Play.

Tell us: What are your can’t-live-without pregnancy and baby apps?

—Oz Spies