If you’re a proud parent of multiples, you’ve heard all the clever comments, including at least one BOGO quip. While it may be funny to joke that you “bought” one baby and got one (or more) for free, you know all too well there’s no such discount. Having twins or triplets can more than double your costs, but you can avoid breaking the bank with these money-saving tips.

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Shop Like You’re the Mom of One
You can’t avoid buying some things in bulk, like cribs, car seats and high chairs. But the “I want what she has” phase doesn’t start until around one year old, so before then, save money (and space) with gear like bouncers and baby swings, and have your babies take turns. Even identical twins can have very different personalities, so buying one item lets you test whether each baby enjoys it. If you find an item that soothes both babies (hooray!), then you can invest in a second, because silence is golden when you have a house full of infants.

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Discover Extreme Couponing
Periodically, the planets align so coupons can be combined with on-sale items for dirt-cheap prices. Some stores limit diaper sales during these times, so enlist the help of family and friends to maximize savings. If you don’t have time to scour the Sunday paper, sign up for coupons and email sale alerts from your favorite baby brands. Local Facebook groups work like online yard sales and will hand off unused or unwanted coupons for free. Top-saving coupons are often limited to one per person or transaction so, again, get friends to help you shop! To find stores that offer double coupons, check out this extensive list. For big-ticket purchases, you can also purchase coupons on eBay.

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Buy and Sell Second-Hand Gear
Infants outgrow clothes every 2 to 3 months. And because their brain is growing exceptionally fast, they’ll move through developmental toys quickly too. That means most toys, clothes and gear will appear like new when the babies have moved on to new things, which makes buying, and then selling, gently used items a great option. Most used items go for 25% of the original selling price (name brand and luxury items can fetch as much as 50%). If your items are still in excellent or good condition when you’re ready to part with them, you can typically resell them for the price you paid. Where can you hunt for bargains? Facebook mom groups, Craigslist and local tag sales can be goldmines. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, put out a call on social media or set up a swap with mom friends.

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Join the MoMs Club
Being a twin (or triplet) mother makes you a MoM (a Mother of Multiples), and yes, there’s a club for that! Your first year of membership in Multiples of America is free, and being a member can get you free food, as veteran MoMs will deliver hot meals to new parents. This national organization with local chapters throughout the United States also hosts consignment sales, making buying two or three of your must-have items much cheaper. But you don’t have to wait for the bi-annual sale to reap those benefits. Members often post gear for free or a low price on local sites.

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If You Use Formula, Go Generic
Many moms of multiples use formula at some point within their babies’ first year of life, and formula is expensive. You’ll get flooded with coupons from the big brands, and there’s no reason to feel pressured into buying the one your hospital recommends: Formula is highly regulated by the government, which means there is little difference between ingredients or nutritional value from one brand to the next. Opt for the generic brands—Costco’s Kirkland, Target’s Up & Up and Walmart’s Parent’s Choice—to give your babies a healthy meal at a lower cost.

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Sign Up for Discount Programs
More babies means more money for retailers, so many businesses have special programs for multiples. To lure moms of twins and triplets, retailers will offer discounts for duplicate purchases, bottle starter kits, coupons and more. Some programs require you to apply and send birth certificates to verify the shared birthday. For a comprehensive list of retailers offering savings to twin and triplet moms, check out this resource.

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Buy Smart to Maximize Hand-Me-Downs
You don’t need older kids to reap the benefits of hand-me downs. Fraternal twins differ in many ways, including weight. If your wee ones vary by as much as one size, you can buy fewer clothes and have them share. Even parents of boy/girl twins or triplets can take advantage of size differences. Because some brands differ in size slightly by gender (clothing size is based on the average weight and height for a given period, and baby boys typically weigh more), shop for clothing in the boys department for maximum mileage out of each garment.

What are your best tips for saving money with multiples?

—Meghan Meyers