They say everyone gets 15 minutes of fame. Imagine if it happened to your baby before their first birthday! Sure, having your newest little family member in the public eye isn’t for everyone — but a new book on the subject by Rick Chillot definitely is.


The Lowdown
“How to Make Your Baby an Internet Celebrity” is a tongue-in-cheek handbook that’s a fun read for new parents. It has ideas for ways to film, photograph and “brand” your baby and then send the goofy-adorable results across the interwebs. Just don’t take it too seriously — Rick is kidding around. And you, as a busy parent, deserve a laugh.

The author appears to be a born comedian (his bio touts the fact that he is a “former baby”). He’s joined by photographer Dustin Fenstermacher, known for his work for the New York Times and Village Voice. The two last worked together on a similar book, “How to Make Your Cat an Internet Celebrity.” For this fling into baby-dom, they’ve assembled 126 pages of hilarious lists, infographics, how-to info and photos.


Funny Snippets
Have you sent out a press release about your baby’s birth? The book suggests that’s where you’ll want to start. Then get down to the funny business of plotting and making a video to introduce him or her to the world before it’s too late (aka: kindergarten). You’ll get a kick out of identifying your infant’s key star qualities and finding his or her character type (action hero, intellectual, gourmand, sensitive).

Without giving away the whole book — which anyone who’s a fan of The Onion will totally eat up — rest assured there are a lot more chuckles to be had. Learn how to style your baby with props (fake beards are always winners) and use filters and sound effects to seal the deal.

The best idea? Pick up this book now and give it to the first new parent you see. And if that happens to be you, all the better.

“How to Make Your Baby an Internet Celebrity” is available now from Quirk Book, $10.11 at

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— Kelly Aiglon