There’s no reason to navigate the open seas of motherhood alone. It’s time to find a crew of fellow new mamas who know exactly what you’re going through — blowouts, sleepless nights and all! Trust us – their advice and support will be indispensable during the first weeks, months and years of parenting. But how can you find these much-needed friends? Follow our ultimate guide to meeting new mom friends. It’s packed with ideas on where and how to find your new tribe of moms who rock.

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1. Prenatal Hospital Classes

Most hospitals hold “new parent classes” for you and your partner to attend while in your third trimester. This is the perfect opportunity to pick-up on some new mom friends who are also first-time-moms learning Parenting, Childbirth or Breastfeeding 101.  And what better way to strike up a conversation, and some laughs, while both trying to secure a diaper on a creepy baby doll?

Why these moms rock: Chances are, if you’re both in the same third trimester parenting classes, you’ll both be delivering within a few months of each other which means your new babes will be close in age, which means you’ll both be going through the same motherhood journey at the same time (think baby milestones, sleep regressions, and feeding woes). Strike up a conversation with these fellow first time mamas by asking when their due date is or if they’re having a boy or a girl. You can bet you’ll have a lot in common right off the bat!

2. Baby Aisles

If you’re pregnant, or even if you’ve already welcomed your precious new bundle, chances are you’re spending a lot of time in the “baby aisles” of stores like Target, Buy Buy Baby or the grocery store. These aisles are sort of like gold mines filled with other moms and babies. If you see a mom with an infant the same age as your own, or a similar sized baby bump, then jump into a friendly conversation about baby products.

Why these moms rock: Most moms love giving advice or sharing their recommendations on favorite baby gear items. Ask a fellow mom who’s also hovering the baby aisles if she’s ever tried a certain bottle or if she’s had any luck with a certain sound machine. Before you know it you’ll be swapping notes and maybe even a future playdate.

3. Mom Support Groups

Sometimes you need to turn to the experts and join a mom support group led by a professional. Bonus: the pro can help you through some challenges you may be facing with your little one. Lactation support groups, sleep training classes and the like are great opportunities to meet fellow moms who are experiencing the same rough patches as you.

Why these moms rock: There’s nothing like talking to another mom who knows exactly what you’re going through and can sympathize about only getting two hours of sleep per night or not being able to find the perfect latch. These mom-type support groups are full of women who can easily relate to you and maybe even offer tips or tricks that you haven’t thought of yet. These are your people. mommy group


Sites like can provide many mommy meet-up groups to select from. You can even join many groups while still pregnant so you can make friends before the babe arrives! We recommend researching what each group is about, looking at their past meet-up activities, reading some of the group member’s profiles, and then joining a group (or groups) that you feel you connect with the most.

Why these moms rock: If you’ve all joined a mommy meet-up group, there’s no question that these fellow moms are in the market for new mom friends. You can leave caution at the door and jump right into friendships at these playdates because you already know that you’re both there for the same reasons; to meet awesome, like-minded moms like yourself, of course.

5. New Mom Friendship Apps and Websites

Welcome to 2015 where you can browse immediate answers to all of your late night mommy questions on the internet, order diapers on Amazon shipped straight to your door, and now, even find fellow mom friends with just the click of a button. New apps like the MomCo app connect you with other moms and kid-friendly events and businesses in your neighborhood, while sites like Hello Mamas helps pair you with friends at every stage of the motherhood journey.

Why these moms rock: They’re tech-savvy, like yourself, in your immediate neighborhood and looking for fun activities to attend with other mamas and babies. Now that’s convenient!

mommy and me workout class

Photo credit: The Mommy Project, San Diego

6. Mommy and Me Fitness Classes

Once you’re ready to get moving again after baby is born, you’ll probably be looking for ways to incorporate workouts into your new daily routine – only this time, you have a cute little sidekick in tow. Look up baby-friendly fitness classes in your area like, Mommy and Me Yoga, Stroller Strides, Baby Wearing Barre, or Fit 4 Mom exercise classes. These are all perfect opportunities to meet other active moms and their precious babes.

Why these moms rock: Since you’re both making an effort to incorporate physical activity into your new #momlife routine, you know you automatically have something in common. After class is over, strike up a conversation and invite them to go walking with you and your new little bundle every Tuesday morning. And remember, friends who sweat together, stay together.

7. Facebook Groups

Facebook Mom groups are awesome because you can really narrow down your search to be as specific as you’d like. If you’re super interested in baby wearing, baby sleep training or baby led weaning, there’s most likely a Facebook mom group to fit every interest! Just type in your area of interest or a topic you’d like to learn more about and join in on the online conversations.

Why these moms rock: These groups are a great resource filled with fellow moms who feel just as passionately as you do about providing the best for their babies. The camaraderie you’ll feel with these women will make you feel less alone and may even lead to some in-person meet-ups and friendships, not to mention some great parenting tips.

baby music class

8. Baby Classes

Signing up for cute baby classes is a great way to incorporate fun activities with your wee one into your weekly routine, not to mention the perfect environment to find new mom friends. Search your city for classes suitable for your baby’s age, like music classes, baby sign language or baby story time at your local library. There’s nothing cuter than being in a room full of fellow moms and adorable babies while you’re all singing songs or reading books together.

Why these moms rock: You’re sure to bond with these women as you all take a million photos of your little ones staring at each other in awe or shaking their maracas together in complete baby chaos. It’s also a great opportunity to ask another mom and her baby out for coffee after class is over.

Where did you meet your mommy friends? Share in the comments below.

-Kristin Helms