Your plan to be world’s greatest parents starts with giving your kid the coolest name ever. (Hey, no pressure.) While you’re sitting around deciding whether Blue Ivy Goldstein sounds good, you might want to also make sure the website is available, because she’s definitely going to want to her own domain and what baby wants, baby’s gonna get.


photo: Nicole Romagna via Flickr

Why should you have to spend hours coming up with names that work with your last name only to find the domain is already taken? Instead, let do the work for you.

Just type your last name into the website as well as the gender of your baby and you’ll get a number of suggested, available baby name recommendations based on domains that are currently available.

Not happy with the few that this site came up with? For only $9, they’ll give you 100 more suggestions. It’s a small price to pay for your child to be the master of her own domain.

Just for kicks, we thought we’d have fun on behalf of one of our favorite celeb couples. So we typed in “Timberlake.” We hope little Jared Timberlake is on the way soon or that domain is going to get snatched up. Justin, Jessica and little Jared?! It’s reason enough to get pregnant.

Give it whirl for yourself at

What baby names does this site come up with for you? Let us know in the Comments!

— Jo Aaron