We’ve all been there: We pop online for nursery decor ideas, and 40 minutes later, we’re still scrolling and feeling more zoned out than inspired. There’s no question that Instagram is an amazing source for design guidance and creative energy, but it helps to start with a list of truly gifted resources to avoid wasting precious time. So we’ve rounded up ten accounts that will help inspire the nursery of your dreams and save you time—the greatest resource of all!

Project Nursery

A one-stop feed for all things nursery, Project Nursery tops our list for the best feed to follow for nursery decor and design ideas. They curate a wide range of styles from Southern-inspired to boho farmhouse and everything in between; scroll through the feed and find a beautifully designed nursery for every style and taste. You can even upload your project to their website once you finish to pay it forward and inspire the next home designer. 

Instagram handle: @projectnursery
website: projectnursery.com

Timberwoods Design

Sarah and Josh, the parent duo behind Timberwoods Design, aim to provide a loving nod to generations past with their beautiful series of scrips and blocks. Each piece is created by hand, timeless, and loved by children and parents. That's their primary business, but we're featuring them because their Instagram feed is a wonderland of precious, peaceful nurseries (and babies!). Take a scroll through and just try not to be inspired to design your little one's nursery around their beautiful handcrafted art. 

Instagram handle: @timberwooddesigns
website: timberwooddesigns.ca/

Winter Daisy Kids

WINTER DAISY, a design studio and blog created by Melissa Barling, has a feed that not only inspires but also gives plenty of functional design ideas to help make your baby's nursery come together in a beautiful and practical way. Check out her blog for tutorials on everything from designing a kids' bathroom to creating the perfect art space. WINTER DAISY is a fabulous resource when kids and design intersect. 

Instagram handle: @winterdaisykids/
website: winterdaisy.com

Stella + the Stars

If you love color and bold design choices and want to incorporate them into your little one's nursery, look no further than Dubai-based, French native, mother of three Emilie J. Her studio, Stella + the Stars, is known for showing how to use styling and decor to make a big statement on a small budget. So go ahead and swing into this feed. We promise you won't want to leave. 

Instagram handle: @stellaandthestars
website: stellaandthestars.net/


If you want to work with a company to design your baby's room, Havenly is a great first stop on your path to decorating a blank slate. You can use it for any room in your home, not just nurseries, and they help with everything from budgeting to sourcing. Havenly works with a number of reasonably priced retailers, like Wayfair and Target, meaning you can ask your designer to choose a crib that’s under $300. Just have a quick question, like what mobile would work over the crib or where to find a stylish glider? For $19, you can get hands-on help with smaller details. Check out their Insta-feed for inspiration and to see if you'd like to move on to their website for more info. 

Instagram handle: @thehavenly
website: havenly.com

Livette's Wallpaper

You might not think of a wallpaper business as your first online visit for nursery design inspiration, but we promise that Livette's Wallpaper's Insta account will make you a believer. As they say, nothing spices up a room quite like wallpaper, and their collection of baby nursery designs instantly create a calm and serene baby room for your little one to grow into. They offer gender-neutral options as well as florals and bolder looks. The best part—all of them are removable! And, even if wallpaper isn't your thing, check out their feed for other design ideas; it's brimming with them. 

Instagram handle: @livetteswallpaper
website: livetteswallpaper.com/collections/nursery

Bow in the Sky

If you want Interior design inspiration plus a healthy dose of laughter and #realtalk, check out Dominy's feed Bow in the Sky. The account is filled with playful rooms and beautiful colors, but our favorite reason to visit is Dominy's hilarious reels. She's not afraid to have fun with the ups and downs of parenting, and the account is a great reminder that laughing and designing go hand in hand.

Instagram handle: @bowinthesky
website: bowinthesky.co.uk/

Poppyseed Play

Poppyseed Play creates tasteful and functional baby gyms, toys and mats that your baby will love. They've also designed a beautifully curated feed of gorgeous nurseries that are sure to inspire. If you're looking for soft colors and a serene aesthetic, start scrolling through this account today. 

Instagram handle: @poppyseedplay
website: poppyseedplay.com/

Author of Your Perfect Nursery, Naomi Allen Coe founded Little Crown Interiors in 2008, focusing her design studio on nurseries and child spaces after seeing this specialized skill missing from other firms. Unlike other interior designers, she solely focuses on nurseries, which means her feed is filled with all nurseries, all the time. You can also vIsit the website and sign up for Naomi's nursery essentials! 

Instagram handle: @littlecrowninteriors
website: littlecrowninteriors.com/


YouthfulNest is a digital interior design firm that focuses on nurseries and children's rooms. From extreme rooms to help with paint choices, their Instagram page is filled with tips and tricks for decorating your perfect nursery, as well as images from recently designed spaces. 

Instagram handle: @youthfulnest
website: youthfulnest.com/

—Aimee Della Bitta

featured image: iStock


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