Here’s a reason to get excited about diaper duty that we promise will brighten your day, lighten your laundry load and maybe even make your baby smile. Keekaroo has just launched the Peanut Diaper Changer, a game changer in the battle against blow outs, and here’s why you’ll love it.


It’s a Problem Solver

Babies poop. A lot. And it’s messy. The Peanut Diaper Changer makes cleaning up after you clean up your kiddo up easy. It doesn’t require a cover like traditional pads, so all you have to do is wipe it down. Those changing pad covers get dirty just about every day, and the stains can be tough. Not to mention the juggling act of trying to take the dirty one off while holding your baby so his clean clothes stay clean! While this price of this changing pad is on the high side, remember that you don’t have to buy a stack of covers to go with it. You can even spray this one down in the tub if the disaster requires.

It’s Safe

The soft, cushy, pad is made from a latex-free material that’s designed and tested for hospital use. It’s safe, won’t absorb spills, won’t crack and is bacteria resistant. It’s also free of all the bad stuff — PVC, BPA and phthalates.

Also great – the peanut design and raised edges help your baby stay put within the changer. Plus, the material it’s made of is slip resistant so it won’t slide on the table, dresser or wherever you place it. Though, of course, you should always keep one hand on your babe, and the pad comes with a safety strap too.


It Has Style

The Peanut Changer comes in seven colors to fit your nursery’s scheme. We love the bright aqua and purple; the black and grey are great for modern, neutral baby decor; and you can also choose red, brown or lime green.

Available online at Amazon, $117.

What’s your secret for keeping Baby happy during diaper changes? Share your stories in a Comment.

–Julie Seguss