Whether you’re still in the rice cereal stage, experimenting with purees or have moved on to finger foods, prepping food for your baby can be time consuming. But if you arm yourself with a few of these life hacking kitchen tools, you’ll have half a chance of getting those meals ready before your hungry little has a total meltdown. And you might even be inspired to cook up some new healthy bites.

Power Processor

Have you been looking for an excuse to buy a Cusinart Food Processor? You baby is a good one. This gadget is awesome for preparing purees, and unlike special baby food makers, it'll be useful in your kitchen for years and years to come for chopping, dicing and preparing meals for the whole family or whipping up delicious and healthy smoothies.

Available at crateandbarrel.com, $99.95.

What kitchen gadget do you use when prepping food or drink for your baby? Tell us in a Comment.

–Julie Seguss